Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pastries, coffee et al... Oh, Asheville.

Downtown Asheville has stolen my heart. It's just the kind of place that I'd love to visit, again and again. I didn't click too many pictures but the collage above should give you an idea about what we did that morning. Coffee and pastries, tea and conversation, sunshine and street musicians, olive oil tastings, lovely Thai food... now that's what Downtown should be like! Downtown Asheville has a relaxed vibe that has its own hip and casual style to it. Would I be raving as much were I an Asheville resident? Who knows! Maybe... :)

I know that the collage above is way oversized, splaying into the Comments section! But I just had to put in the higher resolution version so that you guys could get an idea of the sheer loveliness of those pastry displays... :)

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