Thursday, November 11, 2010

A cool recipe + picture

Until I find the next cool vegetarian place to write about, I thought I would share a picture from my kitchen yesterday. Well, day before, to be precise.

To the left is a dish that I have never cooked before: Dum Aloo. Roasted baby potatoes in a cashew-tomato-onion based gravy, spiced with cumin, nigella seeds, dried fenugreek leaves (also called Kasuri Methi) and garam masala. And garnished with fresh cilantro leaves too.

This recipe is a keeper. I always err on the lesser side when it comes to salt. Really tasty, nonetheless.

I picked the recipe from One Hot Stove, one of my favorite blogs. Nupur's approach to cooking is very similar to mine and I always love cooking out of her blog. Here is the original recipe.

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