Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farmers Market Goodies

Sandy Springs Farmers Market is soon growing to be a place I love. I visited this morning and what did I come home with?

Tender okra, potatoes, summer squash, juicy figs, ripe tomatoes and one green pepper. Well, I had to get home soon or else I'd have picked up some mozzarella, herbs and some peppers, maybe?

The freshness and succulence of the produce is what makes me look forward to going there every weekend.

Last week, I went to Dekalb Farmers Market. I had resolved that I wouldn't buy a thing that came from the West Coast. Well, California, actually. Would you believe that I got hardly any produce? This huge farmers market in GA stocked very little from the home state and got most produce from CA. I walked away from Turkish Figs, peaches, beans, apples... It was quite disappointing.

The idea of eating local and seasonal produce wasn't something that I really followed. It's so much easier to go to the market and buy what your heart desires to eat. Well, you cannot always do that if you buy local and seasonal produce. Anyway, as I started buying fruits and vegetables that grew close to GA and were in season, I could very easily discern the difference in taste. Now why I know why people make the weekly trek to farmers markets. I am one of them now.

The figs I got home this morning... so ripe and juicy.

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